Procedural Puzzle Rooms

Procedural Puzzle Rooms is an augmented reality puzzle game wherein multiple players collaborate to solve an escape room-like series of puzzles through movement, searching, object manipulation, and teamwork. All the action takes place inside a room, with all players wearing an augmented reality headset. The entire game operates in real time, under a time constraint. A player starting a new game is presented with options to create a lobby for other players to play in. No more than four players may play in a lobby. After all players are ready, the host will be directed to look around the room to establish the play area. During the room scan, the game will identify objects that can be used for puzzles: windows, doors, pictures, drawers, etc. (in essence, anything that can contain other things or occlude things). Keeping the possible locations in mind, the game generates a story for the player to uncover via a sequence of key-lock puzzles that utilize the locations. The story that is generated will match whatever the room’s aesthetic is. In the office? The story will reflect office intrigue and politics. In the dining room? a murder-mystery is afoot! The items that the game hides in the world may require the players to move around, interact with real world objects to find virtual ones, and use virtual items together.

Project Details

Name: Procedural Puzzle Rooms

Project Stage: Seedling

Launched: 2018

Categories: Artificial Intelligence,Game Design,Interactive Narrative

Tags: Procedural Content Generation,Augmented Reality



External Site: None.

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