VR Prototyping Program @ Utah

What we do

The Virtual Reality Prototyping Program (VRPP) matches members of the University of Utah's Campus Community interested in developing Minimum Virtual Pilots to students within the School of Computing's annual Virtual Reality (VR) class. A Minimum Virtual Pilot (MVrP) is a VR application with just enough features to provide a proof-of-concept to be refined for future grant development. It is designed for faculty and staff to conceptualize, experiment, and play with ideas around VR to support research projects that are getting started.

What happens via the program?

The most important thing we do is work with you and in-class students on your VR project ideas. Over the course of an academic semester, we help student teams create deployed prototypes with supporting documentation that will help showcase your latest VR-related grant idea.


Once a year (before the Fall semester), we open a Call for Pitches where you get to pitch your pilot VR application idea. Your pitch will describe the general aspects of the MVrP you would like to develop, including goals, deliverables, timeline, and budget. Pitches will then be curated by the VR class team and selected for inclusion in that year's class. If your pitch is selected, we will work with you on finding a team from the VR class to work on your project.

The VR class project is the primary way students get in-class credit, but bear in mind: students have the opportunity to propose their own projects. Be sure to draft a compelling pitch!


The Virtual Reality Prototyping Program (VRPP) is a service program offered by the Laboratory for Quantitative Experience Design at the University of Utah. It was founded in 2020 by Dr. Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera, Director of the Laboratory for Quantitative Experience Design. The VRPP is affiliated with the eXtended Reality research partnership at the University of Utah.

Project Details

Name: VR Prototyping Program @ Utah

Project Stage: Growing

Launched: 2020

Categories: Service,Teaching

Tags: Virtual Reality,Project



External Site: Prototype Pitch Form

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